The Tailors Arms, Wilford

The Tailors Arms in Wilford, Nottingham has recently opened on the site of The Wilford Green Pub and Kitchen. The pub, which only reopened in May, offers fresh and homemade British food with its menu boasting traditional classics such as fish and chips, steak and ale pie and pork belly as well as a selection of steaks and tailor-made burgers.
The pub has a very contemporary feel to it. Further to this, the venue has light and airy demeanour, supported by tall windows and a bright colour scheme. This is accentuated further by upmarket décor. At the bar area the selection of spirits are presented well, highlighting another of the venue’s strengths. The venue is very well partitioned, allowing for a variety of diners and guests to enjoy the venue; from those just wanting a drink, large parties of people those just wanting a quiet meal for two.

Upon entry we were seated quickly and received an excellent standard of attentive service throughout. Chilled water was brought over to use promptly and our drinks orders were taken shorty after once we had decided from their extensive menu (which boasts an extensive range of inventive cocktails). From their cocktail menu we went for The Nottingham Derby and The Navy Cut. The Nottingham Derby came topped with fresh mint, strawberries and raspberries. The inclusion of cucumber and mint added a fresh, cooling and refreshing taste. This is an excellent summer cocktail with the crushed berries adding a sweetness to the drink. The Navy Cut’s natural sweetness from the rum is enhanced and complimented by the pineapple juice. All of the flavours were well thought out and worked in unison. This cocktail is, again, very pleasing aesthetically as it comes topped with a wedge of pineapple, glacier cherry and pineapple leaf.

To start with we order the breaded brie and the pork belly. The breaded brie was in crisp coating and filled with warm, oozy cheese. Although I would have preferred the coating to be slightly more golden, this was a simple yet well composed dish. The smooth texture of the cheese and crisp coating was contrasted by a sweet berry sauce. The pork belly is another classic but was well executed here. Overall, a crunchy skin to the pork belly with a tender and rich meat inside. The spiced butternut squash puree and dollops of apple sauce cut through the richness and slight saltiness of the pork belly. The top of the pork belly had a crisp and even crunch and wasn’t overly salty as can be the case with pork. A dish I’d definitely order again as each mouthful was tender and melted in the mouth.

For our mains we went for the duck breast and the 8oz fillet steak. The duck was tender and succulent with a hint of pink in the centre. The dauphinoise held together well and in addition to being creamy had further flavour with a subtle hint of thyme. The well-presented dish was finished with a red wine jus, sautéed veg and butternut squash puree. The 8oz fillet steak is sourced from a local farm (Tuxfords) in Lowdham. All of their beef is 28-day dry aged and served with hand cut chips, flat mushroom, grilled tomato and a choice of garlic butter, peppercorn or béarnaise sauce. As with most venues the fillet steak was rather pricy at £24. However, it is well worth the money. A well-presented dish that was ordered medium and cooked perfectly. A slight char to the outside and a beautiful pinkness to the centre of this juicy piece of meat. The dry aged process had clearly enhanced the flavours as the steak had a depth of flavour and was amazingly tender. The peppercorn sauce with the use of pink peppercorns was creamy but mild which was just what this dish needed as it added an extra burst of fragrant flavour without overpowering the natural flavour of the steak. The chips were light and fluffy with a naturally sweet taste to them.

For dessert we went for the chocolate s’mores and the sticky toffee pudding. These again arrived quickly, continuing the attentive and efficient service we had experienced throughout our meal. The chocolate s’mores was an inventive creation served in a glass jar and this consisted of a milk chocolate mousse that was rich and thick. Creamy marshmallow that was gooey and sticky and similar in texture and taste to Marshmallow Fluff. The dish was then completed with a sprinkling of biscuit, a fresh strawberry and a wafer. This was a welcome addition as it was something slightly different but still hit the spot as a sweet treat to finish off the meal. The sticky toffee pudding a traditional favourite was served with salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. The sticky toffee pudding was moist, sweet and sticky with a good amount of spice from the ginger. The pudding was firm but spongy and soaked up the rich caramel sauce. Topped with a spun sugar decoration to add to the presentation.

This was a complimentary meal in return for an honest review. I always try and provide an honest and well-balanced opinion of any venues I visit that will allow you to gain a better understanding of the quality of their food offering and service.

Location: Wilford Lane, Nottingham, NG11 7AX,

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 12PM – 11PM, Friday and Saturday 10AM – 12AM and Sunday 10AM – 10:30PM.

Phone number: 0115 914 4487