Revolución de Cuba, Nottingham

12642907_10154675115303975_3917953775861076520_nLocated on Market Street, between the Theatre Royal and The Old Market Square, is one of Nottingham’s most recent additions to the restaurant / bar scene Revolucion De Cuba. Not only has it added another great venue for eating out, it also provides a great setting for a night out especially if you are a fan of a proper cocktail! The venue offers a really authentic dining experience and the decor throughout is faultless. A lot of time money has clearly gone into making this venue as stunning as possible. The dining area is spacious and situated at the front of the venue on the main floor and contains cosy seating for couples or small groups to dine at. The venue is warmly lit to emphasise the Cuban feel to the venue, along with the traditional music that plays. It is a great place for a range of dining situations with a flexible menu that is great for a light lunch, tapas or a nice meal.

I have eaten at Revolucion De Cuba several times already since it opened and12650888_10154675142138975_2105694753270415766_n each time I have been impressed by the quality of their diverse menu. We were seated quickly and the service was very polite and attentive. Shortly after we had taken our seats our orders were taken, at which point the staff made a real effort to ensure that they provided you with any information you needed about items on the menu. On my first visit I opted for the 6 tapas dishes for £28, available on a Friday and Saturday (alternatively, you can get 3 dishes for £13 from Monday to Thursday). I went for the roasted chorizo, £6, the patatas bravas, £4.50, the Mojo chicken quesadilla, £5.50, the Iberico ham croquettas, £5.50, the chicken rumba skewers, £5.50 and the Ropa Vieja tacos, £5.

The patatas bravas came in a large dish and were perfectly fried and even in 12651232_10154675128873975_2208189653922195422_nsize chunks of potato. They were complemented perfectly by a rich tomato sauce that added a freshness to the dish and soaked into the potato and season them well. They were also topped with a dollop of garlic aioli. The roasted chorizo comprised of chunks of chorizo in a rich red wine and honey sauce. The richness of the sauce matched the strong and salty taste of the chorizo and the sweetness that the honey added also worked well with the dish. The mojo chicken quesadilla was a crisp and freshly grilled flour tortilla with cheese, pan-fried peppers and onions that added extra flavour and crunch to the dish. The Iberico ham croquettas contained pieces of Spanish air-dried ham mixed in a béchamel sauce with potato, which created a nice smooth and creamy consistency to contrast with the crunchy shell of the croquettas. They were then topped with a dollop of garlic aioli to add extra flavour. The chicken rumba skewers were moist and tender pieces of chicken breast that had been marinated in lime soy and pineapple. The lime and pineapple added a nice citrus tang to enhance the taste of the meat whilst the soy added a salty tang to the dish. Finally, the ropa vieja tacos consisted of a plentiful amount of tender shredded lamb in a rich tomato sauce that worked well with the lamb. The three warm tortillas were then finished off with a spicy rum mayo and sweet slaw.

Upon another visit to Revolucion De Cuba, Nottingham I decided to opted for 12688227_10154675058578975_1829866226727464429_ntheir very tempting offer of the mojito and burrito for only £10, available Monday to Friday 10AM to 6PM. I went for the 7-hour slow-cooked shredded beef burrito. The burrito was a good size and well packed. The burrito was topped with fresh tomato and red onion for a fresh crunch. The filling was wrapped in a soft tortilla that was lightly toasted on the top and filled with seasoned house rice, tender and flavourful pulled steak, sour cream and crunchy sweet sliced red and yellow peppers that complimented the soft elements of the rice and wrap. The burrito contained a good amount of meat and the soft beans worked well to add extra texture and taste. I also added some of the spicy rum sauce which added a nice kick to the dish.

The burrito came with two side dishes of tortilla chips and black beans. The 12647298_10154675115738975_3089789880068958465_npot of tortilla chips came topped with a fresh salsa of tomato, red onion and coriander. The tortilla chips were light and crispy. The pot of black beans were topped with spring onion, which added a bit of a fresh crunch to the dish. This consisted of soft beans in a spicy sauce with slices of red chilli. This was quite useful as a dip for the tortilla chips and added a bit of spice and depth of flavour. Finally, I had a good sized portion of sweet potato fries that were crunchy and crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. They had a good sweetness to them and were also lightly salted to bring out the sweet flavours.

In addition to the food I have sampled so far, they do a range of big plates such as their paella de Cuba, which is their Cuban take on paella which consists of aromatic rice loaded with prawns, marinated chicken and smoky chorizo, topped with Pico de Gallo. This menu also offers sirloin steak and half and whole chickens in a sauce of your choice and sides. If you are around earlier in the day have a look for their brunch and lunch menus too.

The main bar area is spacious and well designed and is well equipped with a 12647448_10154675142303975_7876869782607658684_nrange of premium spirits and fresh cocktails on offer. The mojitos come in a range of flavours, from a classic mojito to more fruity variations such as raspberry or passion fruit and not to mention my favourite the Jamaican Me Crazy mojito. The cocktails are all made to order and the taste is excellent with the refreshing taste of mint coming through in the mojitos, which is then complimented by the fresh citrus hit of the lime and a sweet hit of sugar.

The venue certainly has plenty to offer with a more intimate smaller bar that has also been finished excellently and offers a nice space for a drink. Further to this, their tempting cocktails are available at 241 from 5PM to 7PM daily and there are even salsa socials taking place every Wednesday. Live music is also a big draw that the venue has most evenings and adds to the already brilliant atmosphere this venue has.


Location: 26-28 Market Street, Nottingham, NG1 6HW

Telephone: 0115 8715735

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 10AM -2AM, Friday to Sunday 10AM to 3AM.

Food served: Monday to Sunday 10AM to 10PM.